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Ripping Models/Textures from Fellowship of the Ring
3D Modelling 
Hi everyone,

Longtime lurker on the Spriters Resource side of things here =) My two best friends have their birthdays in September, and every year I try to create something fun and silly to celebrate. On the rare occasions that we're able to get together, we love to play Lord of the Rings games, and our favourite (partly for riffing) is the Fellowship of the Ring game on PS2/PC/Xbox from 2002. This was the awkward action-adventure game based wholly on the book, rather than the movie. So, using my (very limited) Unity skills, I'm trying to create a sort of playable, in-joke laden parody for them.

I have the three versions of the game, so I assumed that there would be a way for me to rip the models, textures, etc. from the game data. However, after a lot of research and frustration, this has proved impossible. The closest I got was this .bms script which does at least rip the models - they're just generally incomplete and broken (the script was only in beta):

Now, I know almost nothing about this field (I'm much more familiar with 2D - and even then I don't know much about ripping) so there's no way I can do this myself. My goal is just to recreate a small area of Hobbiton, so I'm trying to get assets/textures from that area, along with Frodo and any other Hobbit characters.

The file formats used in the game files are .DB, .MDU, .ODU, .TDU, .ADU, and .SDU. Fellowship was developed by Surreal Software, and my understanding is that The Suffering series and Drakan series of games both used similar file formats.

This is probably a fools errand, and I don't want anyone to spend much of their time helping me (it's just a fun idea, after all), but I thought it was worth a shot and this was the only place I knew of that might have the answers! If anyone knows any programs that might be able to help, please let me know. I've already tried the basic version of Game Extractor, Ninja Ripper, 3D Ripper DX, etc.

Thanks a lot for reading! Big Grin
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Well, I managed to rip the textures via Texmod and PCSX2 thanks to a tutorial I found on here, but none of the listed methods of ripping models are working for me. Think I might have to give up on this idea, unfortunately...Thanks to everyone that looked though!  Wink
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