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Konami Arcade Sprite Ripping Stuff
Hi there! Do you want to make the tileviewers of konami arcade games in MAME easier, well then check this tutorial. I think this will be helpful for you to rip konami arcade sprites. This maybe not the best tutorial, but it can be helpful for some.
Suppose I want to rip of the playable characters (in this case Max) in Metamorphic Force. I go to the tileviewer, and everything seems complicated a first, but after a while, you might seem to get the hang of it. Note that some games have organized tileviewers, so you won't need to worry about those.
This is what it looks like in the tileviewer of MAME:
[Image: image.png]
1st: Expand the area (includes width) and then seperate the 2nd horizontal tiles, it looks like this:
[Image: image.png?dl=1]
2nd: Connect the 2nd vertical tiles, when you do, it looks like this:
[Image: image.png]
3rd: Connect the vertical tiles to eachother, it looks like this when you get it:
[Image: image.png]
Last: Just like you did next time, the connect the vertical tiles, the result is this:
[Image: image.png]
Remember, this not the best tutorial, but it can helpful for some people. In the future, maybe, someone will have a better solution to ripping Konami arcade games.
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