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Hello, folks!
Big Grin 
Hello everyone, I've been registered on this site for a while, but haven't properly introduced myself yet, so I figured I'd do so now.

I won't expect myself to be too active here, but I've already submitted a few sounds from FTL: Faster Than Light and Dark Cloud, so stay tuned for those.

I'll see what else I can upload from time to time, so if you're a fan of semi-obscure games, you're in for some treats!
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Welcome to the site! Big Grin
And yea, I am quite the fan of obscure hits. Wink
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Howdy, ArgonTrooper!
This is the struggle I go through every day. I suggest watching this before attempting to speak to me.

"If somebody says "This sucks", dont say "Fuck you", say "I'll show you, this isn't even anywhere near as perfect as i can be" and show them you breaking your limits." ~JewyB

Rest in peace, Daniel Desmond Amofah. You shall be missed.
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