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Need help extracting the PK file of Fate Extella Link (PSVita)
I started to messing around with the pk file yesterday, and trying to decompile it with the pktools, which worked with the PC version of the previous game, Fate Extella. But, when I tried to do it, it fails at the start of the decompilation, giving an error.

So, I tried to use a QuickBms script that also works for PK files, and in this case I got some files, but after extract an incomprehensible number of files that go up in more than 150 GB (and more), I needed to stop it because lack of space in my hard drive. This not make sense, because the file is only 1,2 GB (Probably 3-4 GB decompressed).

This works, but I can't get the files with their original name, and the folder structure, which it's important to simplify the ripping.

So, anyone here knows about another tools or QuickBms script to work with these?
P.D.: I can't share examples here since the PK is ALL the game data, so it's like sharing a direct download to the game. (Maybe I can share it via PM)

QuickBms script:
PKtools for Fate Extella (PC):
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Okay, PKTools now work with this game, so there is no need to help now.
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