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Ripping sprites from Jurassic Park 2 The Chaos Continues.
So, I've been driving myself insane trying to rip these sprites I've read the tutorials for SNES ripping, but only method 2 can yield a whole sprite, because method 1 is impossible with most enemies in the game especially the Raptors, and T-Rex. They move so fast you can never catch all of their animation I've even used codes to make Grant invisible and invincible at this rate I may have to use cheat engine to freeze the Raptor's x coordinate.

Before I attempt that though I was wondering if anyone here has had success in ripping enemy or player sprites from this game, I can view them in VSNES but viewing them in memory hasn't been easy it tends to yield a garbled mess, no matter what palette/bit I use. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong I have no idea, but they can also be viewed in the scene viewer however that still doesn't help with their animations as I don't think you can cycle through them in that program and in game they get interrupted by the raptor going into the attack state because they move so fast their running animation rarely does a full cycle before hitting the player.
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Hey mate, welcome to vg-ressource Smile
I just checked with vsnes and yeah, they are made with little tiles, your best bet is probably to rip them from gameplay.
As for the speed, there a few trick you can use ZSnes.
If you want to check something frame by frame or do a screenshot of everyframe, press the F1 key during emulation.
In that menu, you can you foward 1 frame, take a screenshot, or do both at the same time.

However, if you want to do a save state at a particular frame, this doesnt help us. To do that,  go in Config >> Speed in ZSnes, and set the keys for "+ Emu Speed" and "- Emu Speed". With those you can slow down gameplay to a frame a second.
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Had a quick look with Tile Molester and the sprites are viewable, both of Dr. Grant and some of the enemies at least as well as a bit of the background in the ROM. There are some compressed stuff though but you could load the savestate even though it seems to load only one pose or a few poses.

The problem would be getting the palette (a ZSNES savestate should do the trick even though it is a security risk using it these days) and the toughest thing would be assembling the sprites.

Also from playing the game, I know what you mean by its fast animation making it hard to capture without something like Animget and doesn't help of being pretty tough either.
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