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How do I rip SM64 Models?
3D Modelling 
I know how to get textures using toads tool but not models how do I?
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Believe it or not, despite all the work that has been done in regards to Super Mario 64 ROM hacking, there still doesn't exist a standalone geometry exporter for object models.*)
Your best bet is to simply use a Geometry interceptor tool and rip everything on-the-fly from the emulator like Lemmy's VRML rip plugin or or if you're a madman read this

*) at least none that I've seen.
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Well now! Let me provide ya the info. I'll also tell ya my methods on ripping my models:

Step 1:
Get Blender, Sketchup (optional), Anim8or, PJ64 1.7, and LemD3D9.dll.

Step 2:
Put LEMD3D9.dll plugin in the PG64 GFX folder.

Step 3: Open PJ64 and use any game you like to rip from, and once you find a good model to rip, go to Settings and set the Graphics Plugin as Nemu64 Graphics (combine debug) - then pause the game, and go to Configure Graphics Plugin and check Export VRML, and unpause-and-pause, and uncheck Export VRML.

Step 4: Go to Local Disk and find the VRML folder. There you find textures ripped from the game. To get the model, go to Blender and import output.wrl. Then you put together the textures and bam. Just remember that there are textures UV that may get a lil' messed up...

Here's what I do my way!

Step 5: Export as OBJ and import it to Anim8or. There I set one texture, and export it as OBJ again and send it to Blender. Then I export it as DAE and send it to Sketchup, where I set up the textures piece by piece until it's complete.

If you happen to own a Blender that's above 2.5, you're in luck; the later versions imports the textures, leaving you with less work on putting the textures together.

ALSO! One more important thing! The textures becomes BMP! So you gotta convert them to PNG if you want Resource to accept em'!

Let me provide ya the PJ64 and dll (which is already in the folder)


Hope it works well for you! ^^
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