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Bye, guys.
So, I joined this forum last year whenever I was really into 3D models and things like that. Since then, my interest in such things has rapidly declined. I haven't even used the forum in around a year.

I've decided to say goodbye. I don't use this forum and it's account for anything really, and probably never will.

Also, I apologize for my behavior when I first made this account, making a callout post was not responsible and was very rude of me. 

So all-in-all, I'm sorry for my behavior, my interests are gone now, and goodbye.

See ya,

~Doodle Box
So long, hope everything goes well for ya.
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Look, I think a lot of people appreciate you apologizing for your actions and I commend you for that personally.

I don't really know you all that well personally, nor do I know of your history here. But regardless, I hope you do well in your future endeavors where ever that may take you.
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