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GlIntercept tutorial ( Psp, Nds, Ps1 and more)
So what does GLIntercept? 
"GLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows that will intercept and log all OpenGL calls"
[Image: 7i9w7likl207mhczg.jpg]
Will give you:
[Image: d1mv33c9b3421n4zg.jpg][Image: n2q5db3oldz4is1zg.jpg][Image: 5u12cavb8gfuaxxzg.jpg]
[Image: m32u72vd6wyg29rzg.jpg][Image: 8dnt2gov8jc7zllzg.jpg]( and 20 more of those grounds tiles)

How does it works?
1.First, make sure your emulator's video plugin is using Open GL.

On PPSSPP , Game Settings >> Rendering Backend >> OpenGl
On Desmune, Config >> Display Method >> Open Gl
On ePSXe, Config >> Plugin >> Video, then select "Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0". If Pete's plugin isnt in the list, you will need to find it on the net.
Those are just example i have personally tested, but it should work with everything that uses openGl.

2. Download the manual Install of the latest version of GlIntercept:

3. Open the rar and move "OpenGL32.dll" and "gliConfig.ini" next to the .exe of your emulator.

4. Open "gliConfig.ini" and change the following lines:
 Enabled = False;
 FrameStartKeys = (ctrl,shift,f);
 OneFrameOnly = True;
to the following:
 Enabled = True;
 FrameStartKeys = (g);
 OneFrameOnly = False;
Changing Enabled to "True" will make so you have to press a key to start intercepting OpenGl calls rather than doing it form the start of the emulation. When GlIntercept is doing its magic, the emulator will lag a lot, from 1/4 to 1/10 of the normal speed, so you really dont want to be intercept all the time.
FrameStartKeys is the key that need to be pressed to start GlIntercept. You can change this to whatever you like.
OneFrameOnly equal to false will make it so that GlIntercept will capture until you press the key again. If you set it to true, it will capture only 1 frame.

5. Open your emulator, play until just before the sprites you wanna rip are shown and press the key you have set in gliConfig  in step 4. Boom! A file named "Frame_XXXXXXX", where the Xs are the frame numbers, will be created in the emulator folders.

Depending on the game and where your capturing in the game, results will vary greatly. On some game, you will get mini sprite sheet and all the sprite will spawn in order, sometimes its gonna be an incredible mess. Sometime opengl will get nothing and with a certain game i dont remember the name, it just made the emulator crash.
[Image: w5xqva2wqod7ni6zg.jpg]

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