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What fighting game universe u guys wanna live in?
Do any of y'all in the VG Resource community have a favorite fighting game that you wanna be its universe and why? It can be any fighting game that's either:
  • One of the popular fighting games that's still current today
  • One of the obscure fighting games that has a lot of hate
  • One of the forgotten fighting games that had a few installments

The fighting game universe I would like to live in: Super Smash Bros. So i can fight along the sides of some of my favorite Nintendo characters! ^^"
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TBH, I'd prefer to live in Animal Crossing than a universe where people are constantly looking to bash my skull in.
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I'd rather be in Mario Kart knowing that I'm doing to deal with people throwing blue shells and bananas at me out of nowhere just on the basis those things would hit harder than any character's fighting moveset.
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