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Hated or Obscure Games that You Don't Hate
I've played a few infamous and/or lesser-known games in my life time, so I decided to make a thread about them.

1. "Grabbed by the Ghoulies"- I loved this game to no end when I was younger, I've even completed it 100%. It's also not very known, but  Apparently, this game was also really hated when it came out due to the controls and game play although it's safe to assume that a lot of the haters are just fanboys of Nintendo/Rareware(though this game would have likely been more successful had it been on the Gamecube like it was originally intended to). Personally, I think that it's a really fun for kids(although there are several innuendos in this game as with other Rareware games) to beat the crap out of several monsters as they emit ridiculous screams without too much difficulty and it's even possible to make monsters fight each other by hitting one then hiding behind another or kicking one monster into another, which is my counter-argument for people who didn't find it fun enough. Another complaint is that people say "It's a rip-off of Luigi's Mansion" even though the 2 games are different in just about every way imaginable. Another critique of this game is the voice-acting, but do the characters really need to talk instead of making silly noises? People didn't have a problem with that in Banjo-Kazooie. Finally, there's the soundtrack. I have always found this game to be pleasant to listen to, what else could you expect from Grant Kirkhope? Overall, if this game's style is just not for people, I can understand, but please don't be a fan-boy of Nintendo Rare or just yell at it like some 2 stupid guys I saw one time on Youtube did. Tbh, I find this game to be underrated.

2. "The Spongebob Squarepants Movie" on Xbox/Gamecube/PS2- Another game that I grew up playing that I'm not sure is very well-known. I honestly found this game to be a lot of fun. I used to enjoy smacking the crap out of enemies and watching their articles of clothing/body parts bounce everywhere. There is also a variety of abilities that are all fun to use, but the melee attacks have always been my favorite aside from throwing stuff as Patrick(even upgrading his slam so that it stuns enemies for them to be picked up and tossed). The slide levels were also super fun, smashing through stuff and making cool jumps while awesome music plays was great. 

3. "Madagascar" on Xbox/Gamecube/PS2- Another childhood favorite. This was another platformer that I really enjoyed. All characters had their own fun play styles and levels, from Gloria's racing to kicking stuff as Marty to roaring as Alex to sneaking around as the penguins and flying as Melvin. There were puzzles, there was platforming, stealth, just beating up enemies, and a mini-golf mini-game. 

4. "The Incredibles" on Xbox/Gamecube/PS2- I loved this movie to death as much as a majority of the game. I enjoyed smacking the crap out of bad guys as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, running as Dash, and beating up everything in the Incredi-ball. However, I wasn't too big on Violet's part and never got past the last Elastigirl stage, but the other stages I played were fun nonetheless. 

5. "Scooby-Doo Mystery Mayhem" on Xbox/Gamecube/PS2- I used to love Scooby-Doo and had a lot of fun with this game. This game consisted of puzzles and capturing monsters with a book. I would imagine not many people have played this or even heard of it, but I personally enjoyed it.

6. "Resident Evil 6"- I can see why people disliked this game. The Chris campaign wasn't very good and I didn't even bother to finish the Ada campaign because of those stupid bug enemies. The J'avos have no place in Resident Evil aside from the creatures they mutate into, and why is there cover-based shooting here? However, I think Jake's campaign and especially Leon's campaign were fun with some ridiculous action, although both had missed opportunities to actually feel like RE games.

7. "The Evil Within"- Like RE6, I see why people disliked this. The default video settings sucked, the game play is inconsistent, it just goes in and out of being an action game, the A.I. is usually stupid and not scary, stealth is not used well, the emphasis on stealth in the first part didn't match a majority of the game, the plot is confusing, the constant flickering visual effect is annoying, the sprint is short and Sebastian can't even move when he's out of sprint, 
 and some of the one-shotting enemies were just frustrating(though I understand this is supposed to be a challenging game). However, complaining about stupid stuff like the frame rate is not excusable. I also think that it's worth mentioning that this is supposed to be a homage(almost a parody) of horror, not a "reinvention" of Survival Horror, with the cliches/tropes and such references as similar enemy designs and cutscenes to other games like Resident Evil, Dead Space and Silent Hill. There was also some good soundtrack in this game. Sebastian's cheesy attitude also made this a bit funny, with his reactions to some of the worst deaths imaginable are just grunts like he's getting up after a workout and some of his deaths are just him blowing into pieces TF2-style. And his reaction to seeing someone walk into the mirror is just him looking above him, kinda reminds me of Cooper's reaction to the door closing behind him in "Grabbed by the Ghoulies."

8. "The Evil Within 2"- I've heard that this game initially sold a fraction of as many copies as its predecessor and IGN even gave this game an 8/10 while the first game was given about a 8.8/10 by the same reviewer which is a shame because this sequel is just so much better than the first game. The enemy design is better(even though the common enemies in this game make cheesy noises like that a lot of modern zombies, even though those silly snarls aren't scary), the A.I. isn't as stupid on difficulties higher than casual, the one-shot enemies are more reasonable, stealth is used much better in this game, Sebastian's spring is more reasonable, the inventory and need to conserve ammo are better, the scenery is better, it doesn't have crappy default graphics settings, the plot is better, and the main antagonist is much better. Although Sebastian's mild attitude is still here(including his reactions to some of the worst deaths imaginable just being him grunting like he's trying to lift weights), he actually shows some emotions. Overall, I found this game to be fantastic.

So what would you consider to be over-hated or underrated?
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Everyone shits on Bubsy but I think it's a legitimately okay game
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Obscure, but Plok (SNES) is a pretty weird game. Not hated, but it's one of those games were the music is more known than the game itself. The game itself plays pretty fine. Though, the visuals leave more to desire.

EDIT: Listen to this track in case you're wondering what I mean by the music being better than the game:

(I'm getting issues playing this, it appears fine when I'm editing the post, so I dunno)
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(02-23-2017, 07:52 PM)puggsoy Wrote: ahem

Puggsy (puggsoy = Puggsy + a random O, fun story). Best game ever. Well, maybe not, but it was one of the most unique games of my childhood and is my usernamesake. Looking for Puggsy sprites was also how I discovered TSR Smile

It's an old Mega Drive game where you're basically you're a weird alien dude and you have to utilize items to complete levels. At the time the physics system (called Total Object Interaction, apparently) was pretty unique, and you can interact with items in a number of ways. You can pick them up, stack them on top of each other, use them to pull yourself up ledges, and throw them. Some you can also activate (like guns or balloons).

Obviously it didn't take off, proven by the fact that they promised a sequel that never came out Sad I've met just about nobody else, online or otherwise, who has heard of the game, so I'm pretty sure that counts as obscure. I do wish more people would give it a shot though, I've never seen another game like it. The music is also top-notch (although that could just be nostalgia).

In terms of hate, people do think the titular main character looks ugly, which is fair and probably partly why the sequel never came out. I don't mind him but as you can tell the nostalgia is quite strong.
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sonic 3d blast/flickies island was always the lesser-known/shat-upon sonic game before the lead gamedev came out from the shadows and fixed the genesis version. even so, i've always had a soft spot for it.
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(06-26-2018, 04:13 PM)Raccoon Sam Wrote: Everyone shits on Bubsy but I think it's a legitimately okay game

This, so much.

I grew up playing Bubsy with my mom so it holds a special place in my heart!
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