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Titleknown's Open Source Characters!
While I'm not much skilled at... well, most fields of art really, I thought I might as well show off a project to y'all: My Open Source Characters.

Basically, they're characters anyone can use under a basic no-other-strings-attached CC-BY license. Put 'em in a thing you're selling, make 'em a game protagonist, whatever, as long as I get creator credit, they're free to use! And, yes part of this was inspired by the death of the public domain in the US for over a decade, but part of it was out of spite at how Microsoft has been basically holding Banjo-Kazooie hostage for years. And really, isn't spite the best artistic motivator?

I have a masterpost, as also linked above, but the quality levels of the art vary wildly, so I might as well show some of the most recent ones as highlights:
[Image: tumblr_paun74E0ci1reus37o2_500.png][Image: tumblr_pa3bnl7ppJ1reus37o1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_pa4wofoL5l1reus37o1_1280.png]
[Image: tumblr_nxsim1eEd51reus37o3_r1_500.png]
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