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Okay, so rather than posting more codes and giving you more work to do, I'd suggest you give me a follow on one of the three stages I've posted so far. That way you can check out my Miis and stages with less of a hassle.
I say less of a hassle, but still:
Go to Online -> Shared Content -> Press X to Search -> Details -> Set Catagory to Creator and set Type to People You Follow
It took me way too long to figure that shit out. Have been searching my own stages through search terms just to get their IDs while I just as easily could've...
Gone to Online -> Shared Content -> Pressed X to Search -> Details -> Set Catagory to Creator and set Type to You

New stages added are:

Bowser's Castle - It has two fireballs orbiting around Bumpers. You can bounce around and seriously get hurt, but it's open and clean enough for a proper battle.

Central Highway - Based on the opening stage of Mega Man X. No special gimmicks. Just a static lay-out with walk-offs on both sides. This is more about the look and feel with buildings in the background and the layering on the road.

Doorway to Ruins - My attempt at an Undertale stage. No Sans, no Flowey, no memes. Just a stage meant to capture the feel of the game. It's based on the first door you go through. The door is in the background with a patch of grass in the middle of the main body of the arena. A red heart moves around in the far background meant to represent the hero's soul from the battle scenes.

Bomber Man - I tried a top-down arena upright, with the blocks acting as platforms, but that didn't work out. Now it's a stage based on a Bomber Man arena from the correct perspective. There are blocks and bombs in the background and a wall in the far background for looks. The arena itself is a simple chunk of ground with a platform floating above in the middle. The gimmicks are the two pillars of explosive blocks on the sides. Hit the bomb block to open up the wall and toss the enemy out. When the wall respawns before they recover, they'll have a harder time.

Miis uploaded so far:
Lemming, Parappa, Dante, Vergil, (Joe) Musashi, Leon (Kennedy), Miriam (from Bloodstained), Goemon, Beat (from Jet Set Radio), Eggplant (Wizard), Jason (from Blaster Master Zero)

I forgot to mention, all of my stages are 8-player compatible. I will continue to make all of my stages 8-player compatible. I can deal with the extra weight restriction just fine. I've managed to work around it several times.
All of my content is also in all caps. This started with Mii Fighters as it would look better in versus and victory screens. The stage names didn't have to be in all caps, but I did it anyway. At least it's consistent when viewing all my stages and Miis together.

Edit 2:
Updated the Burger Time and Giant Egg stages. The lettuce in the background is now Bouncy Green Rubber, so it'll bounce away instead of getting stuck after a certain amount of cycles. Lettuce has also been added on the floor above the patties and under the floating bun tops. The Giant Egg stage has been increased in size so no additional platforms are required to fit the 8 fighters.

Stages added:
Sophia (Blaster Master)
Bouncy Cat
Scuttle Town (Shantae)
Isaac's Basement (Binding of Isaac)
Chocobo Hills (With a Cactuar on the side)
Mt. Eternal (Alex Kidd)
Planet Namek
Snake (Arcade)
Dr. Mario
Doom Hangar
N. Sanity Arena (Crash Bandicoot)
Plains (Shovel Knight/Brawlhalla)

Miis added:
Doomslayer (Doom; No helmet)
Dr. Eggman
Vault Boy (Fallout)
Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)
Max Damage (Carmageddon)
[Image: QUmE6.gif]
My Game Maker games (Dropbox download links):

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God help me... The inclusion of Banjo-Kazooie in Smash Ultimate after the E3 announcement this year made me think: ``This is it. Nothing, no other fighting game or other E3 presentations will ever top this. It's over, shut it down.``
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Everything about the reveal was perfect.
The fact that it took place with all of the DK Cast,
The jiggy thrown across the room,
The duck hunt fake out,
How happy the DK cast where to see their old friends back.

Spiral Mountain looks gorgeous, the fact that all the main cast is there is Fantastic.

Welcome home Banjo & Kazooie!
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Very true I as well am very hyped for Banjo-Kazooie, makes you wonder who the next two dlc characters are gonna be gonna be, it will be hard to top that.

Also Hoping for the Banjo-Kazooie games to be ported on the switch later.
What Rips am i doing next not sure?
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