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Hello... Again
Hiya. So I'm active again, pretty sure no one remembers me (which is a good thing really).
I'm gonna be posting in the forums more actively. So here's a little recap of who I am.
So I was gonna make a VG resource account when it told me that "SerialGamer" was a taken username.
I found out that I made a account sone time in 2016! I forgotten about it until recently-ish.
Worst yet, I checked it's old posts (btw, how can I delete old posts??). I even have a sprite on the Spriters resource from what looks like a really odd game. So uh. Let's pretend those never existed...
Let me start all over:
Hiya I'm SerialGamer some teen who's plays videogames a lot. (hence, my name)
I'm really into retro games because when I was little, I had an NES that I loved to death.
I really like to do pixel art/sprites and I may show off my work here, other times, I like to mess with 3D models, like rendering and stuff. I sometimes rip stuff from games that I personally enjoy.
To get things started, I ripped some models which are currently pending.
I hope I can be a better person than I was almost 2 years ago and make some buddies that can help with work here at the VG resource! Smile
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Welcome (back, I guess)! You don't have to delete your old posts, we all did stupid stuff in the past but we like to preserve the history of the place unless there's a really good reason to. If you really insist, PM a staff member about it.

Good to hear you've already ripped some stuff! Enjoy your stay!
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