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Tanques Mapa Criador
Tanks Map Creator is a strategy game to create terrain for battles of Tanks la you can change the terrain amount of tanks differentiated times like ATK, DF, Opacity, Speed, and much more

You create your own map and then save it in a slot, when the slot is red in Save it means that there is already a recording in that slot if you save it in the red slot there will be an option "there is already a recording in this slot you want to save if it does not save in a slot Empty, ... and in the slot of Load when this yellow means that there is a recording in that slot if you want to load and just click Load ...
Video demmonstration, tutorial

I am a game developer, especially Fan Games, I had a childish desire when playing old games and nowadays I can recreate them so that people nowadays know how fun games were at that time.
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