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Klonoa 2 Wip Model Rips
So with me having been able to pull a few characters from klonoa 2 and with help from a super wonderful user SuperMario123311, i was able to start working on remapping their uv's and stuff, so far ive only got lolo started, i cant seem to find my obj file of klonoa now xD and i need to start leorina but i can show off what ive got done for lolo so far, its far from perfect but its getting there! Edit: I sorta finishes Lolo, i still need to make a few touch ups to the dress and stuff but for the most part she's almost doneĀ [Image: unknown.png?width=384&height=474]
Also known as Aishi.
Agent 3, you may be an annoying dark souls incarnation of a boss but i swear to all things holy and graceful i love you, you edgy son of a blowfish!

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