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I'm the new guy, fresh off the interwebs. I play me some video games. Mostly FPS's, but my whole life has been full of 'em. I grew up with a PS1 and the Spyro trilogy and I still have those games, but I'm mainly a PC gamer now. I will not object to playing a good ol' game, though I'm not the biggest fan of Zelda or RPG's. Smash Bros. is a current favorite, Project M all the waaaaay! Borderlands 2 is another current favorite, and I am sitting on my ass just waiting for Borderlands 3 HURRY UP GEARBOX!

I am chill until provoked. Then I am cool. Unless there's heat. Then I have a meltdown, but not really. lol
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Hey there, welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to join. Smile
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