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Crash Twinsanity Rip
Hey everyone, BigBellies here. I want to show you my progress on ripping models from Crash Twinsanity. I'm planning to rip the big bad chief of N.Sanity Island, Papu Papu himself. Unfortunately, Twinsanity Editor keeps having pieces of his model in separate parts like his belly, feet, etc.

So, I'm afraid I only got his staff. Take a look.

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Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't been doing some threads for so long. I was afraid you guys didn't want to see what models I have in store for Models-Resources.

Anyway, I had ripped the model of Papu Papu in Crash Twinsanity, but I need some help. I can't get the textures to be correctly placed since I ripped it from the PS2 Emulator.
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