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Ni No Kuni 2 (PC) - .awb to .hca to .wav? [solved]
This may be a long shot since the game's only been out a month, but I feel like giving it a shot. Links for example files are included; let me know if another host would be better and thank you for any help.

So, NNK2's PC release stores its audio in .awb and .acb files. Not a problem, I can find an extractor. Found one, and that's where the issue comes in. Extracting the .acb file with VGMToolbox gives me a couple of folders with a lot of .hca files. Extracting the .awb file gives me a lot of .bin files, which I've read are where the .wavs are? Dug into it, found H2A2WAV and RTB's batch conversion script for.bin to .wav, but all it gives me is the message "Error reading HCA header" and a 0 byte .wav file, which is...pretty much what I'm not going for. Is this a case of my missing a step, or more a H2A2WAV is just not set up to convert this specific game's files type thing? I know zilch about headers and hex so. I'm lost!

Edit: Lost and an idiot; nevermind I figured it out. Anybody else wondering: Get Foobar2000 and VGMStream, extract from the .acb files with VGMToolbox, then load the resulting .hca files up into Foobar with VGMStream installed. It's always the simplest solutions apologies for the troubles!
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