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custom pokemon overworld sprites by PM, WIP
you're right, i appologize...
i'll fix some parts...
[Image: captainsoftheindustrysmall.png]
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(12-23-2008, 02:58 PM)PRIMAL MORON Wrote: you're right, i appologize...
i'll fix some parts...
seriously though what's with the short lines of text ending with '...'
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(12-23-2008, 03:24 PM)NOT1up Wrote:
(12-23-2008, 02:58 PM)PRIMAL MORON Wrote: you're right, i appologize...
i'll fix some parts...
seriously though what's with the short lines of text ending with '...'

It's his habit, it's not his fault.
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If its his habit, then it is his fault.
It is possible to stop habits.
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Yeah, I tend to add "Tongue" to the end of absolutely everything out of habit, but I don't do that here do I?
Seriously, do I? Very Sad

As for the art, I have to say I'm not liking it. The drawing and shading could use work.

Also what vector skills anybody else has doesn't mean anything, this thread is about your vector skills.
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Also btw we do see art like this in other places. Vectors =/= sprites they are art. Those really don't even look like vectors to me either.
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i've reposted my art, and now it looks better...
i've got a responce below to your comments..

Are they all proportional to their respective size?
Yanmega and Rotom Wind form could be a bit bigger.
I made them bigger, they are only slightly larger, though.

Do they all have proper colors?
Yanmega's body needs more saturation, Spiritomb's "aura" needs to be a dull purple and Rotom Normal form needs to be more orange than yellow orange.
Yanmega is now more saturated, Spiritomb is now a dull purple, and Rotom changed to orange.

Are they accurate in design?
Rotom Cut Form needs a sharper smile, with teeth. Electrode's eyes should be rounder.
the smile is now sharper, has teeth, and has an outline. Electrode now has rounder eyes.

Do they have proper shading?
Regigigas' right shoulder doesn't.
it does now.

Do they have good contrast?
Probopass has hardly any contrast.
And now he had a good shine added to his body

Do they look 3-D?
Regice doesn't.
I removed the outline, and now it does look better.

Do any details look out of character?
Porygon-Z's arms aren't attached to it, and Pikachu has red circles for cheeks.
The arms are no longer attacked and Pikachu just got plastic face surgery (lol, joking)

Do they have enough detail?
Probopass doesn't.
Probopass should be much better now.

Are they overall good?
That’s a very generous grade. Thank you.
[Image: captainsoftheindustrysmall.png]
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They look a little better, but the nose an Pilowswine is a bit off/unshaded. Dusknoir's head shoud look like it's part of the body more.
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(12-23-2008, 11:54 AM)PRIMAL MORON Wrote: still working out some issues with angles, but i think it looks pretty good...
[Image: pokemonoverworld1v2gi9.png]
total time it took me to make...
16 hours, 45 minutes approx.
i need some ffedback to make them better, if you have requests for a pokemon, i'll strat a new sheet...
these are sprite singles, which means they do not move...
all pokemon are suppost to be facing at the same angle as a trainer on the overworld...

i need some feed back on the following...
are they all proportional to their respective size?
do the all have proper colors?
are they accurate in design?
do they have proper shading?
do they have good contrast?
do they look 3-D? (they are all 2-D, but i'm going for a 3-D appearence)
do any details look out of character?
do they have enough detail?
and, are they overall good? (a grade from A+ to F is what i'm looking for...)

comments are welcome...
critism is too... (please, no flaming...)

Those are the finest vector pokemon sprites I've seen. Keep up the good work Smile.
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Did you really have to quote the first post?
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if you make it in paint or soemthing it are sprites.. and in other programs that arent 2d programs but you can still make this kind of art.. is not sprites.. CMON! i see beutifulll sprites. maybe you should make an animation. but that weird bleu thing whit a red nose and a beard looks really out of style...
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Why the fuck would you bump a thread this old?

Temp-warn and locked.
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