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3D VG locations where you could propose marriage in VR?
I've been considering proposing to my significant other for a while.
My idea was to propose to her in my own fashioned VR world with cameos to both groups of our favourite video game characters.
I've got that part set up, but now I'm stumped on what location to rip and/or use. The characters I've selected range across different generations and genres, so there's no real theme.
I imagine the location should be at least a partially outdoors, scenic beauty-type to take full advantage of VR and bring a sense of topophilia.

There's not many limits on what could be suggested within reason, excluding locations only found in latest generation console titles and some PS1/PS2-exclusive titles.
Here's some of my ideas, primarily fantasy-based:
  • Skyloft - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Toad Town - Super Mario Galaxy
    (Perhaps with a yacht floating on the river)
  • Wonderland - Alice: Madness Returns
  • Beauclair City - The Witcher 3
    I also asked my other half, and they said they had no idea except "somewhere from Final Fantasy".
    I remember they really liked one of the SAO towns we found while browsing VRChat.
Not that I'm asking for ideas like those. Send any idea that comes to mind, I'm eager!

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First of I'm gonna be frank and say this is kinda weird. I would personally define this as a bad idea. Proposing is a really special thing and I feel like doing it via VR makes it feel less personal.
But that being said, I don't know your relationship, and everyone is different. You also said you asked other half (which I assume means your SO), which is a bit strange since usually a proposal is a surprise. But this suggests that they have the same opinion as you about it, which is what matters.

In terms of locations I think The Witness has some pretty nice spots that could work. Also basically anywhere in BotW. If it were 3D, Ori and the Blind Forest would be a beautiful setting too.
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Eugh, i don't want to be mean, but that's such a stupid idea
A marriage proposal should be done irl with someone really special.
If you want an honest advice, dump her and seach someone you can actually meet, internet relationships are completelly different from IRL ones
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Huh, I didn't expect this many ideas about my relationship rather than the places haha.

Firstly, my relationship is in real life of 7 years and 3 living together.
We're both huge nerds with a low budget, and as much as I'd love to propose to them in Japan or Greece it's not possible for me for a while. But we do have a VR headset, and that's what I want to use.
I only asked for their opinion on the most beautiful place they know in a video game, nothing directly proposal related.
The proposal will be offline. I've whipped up a small project in UDK for this.

I didn't divulge any of this information because I didn't feel like doing so, and because that information is not relevant to the hypothetical situation.
Perhaps the question should be suffixed with "if you had to"?
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I always really liked the autumn leaves-themed track from Mario Kart Wii. As far as beautiful places in video games, that's about the first place I think of.
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