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Help with rip - unable to Browse/export bin file
Hello everyone!
I started being interested in ripping and extraction processes very recently, and I decided to start by trying to rip the audio files from one of my favorite games, Virtue's Last Reward (3DS and PC). I started to search the internet in order to learn what could be done with ripping and how I could do it. However, I must have missed something, because I can't manage to go past a certain point. That's why I'd like to ask you if you could help me get over it!
Here's the situation : I started by downloading a .3ds Rom (from this link ) and a PC rip of the game . On the .3ds ROM, I started by downloading HackingToolKit9DS by Asia81, and followed this tutorial . I then used it to export the content of the file, and I ended up with a bunch of .bin files as expected. However, I am supposed to either open the DecryptedRomFS.bin file in a iso reader (I use PowerIso), or convert the .bin file into an ISO file (I used WinBin2Iso to do so) and open it with my iso reader afterwards. But it was completely empty each time, and I couldn't figure out how to access the content. Mounting either the .bin or the iso file on a virtual disk reader only gave me a "the format file is not valid or not supported" error message.
I tried more or less the same process with the PC version. I installed the game and found the .bin file contening (I guess) most data from the game (called ze2_data_jp.bin and being more than 2Go in this case) but I got the same problems at the same point.
I read online that the problem could be due to the lack of a .cue file, and tried to made one (by adding the appropriate command into a notepad and then changing the format), but it didn't help. I also read that a way to check if the .bin is not corrupted is to compare the size and the on-disk size, and both are different in my .3ds attempt as in my PC attempt.
I think I've given all the details. Would anyone be able to give me a hand with this issue? I know the answer may be absolutely obvious, yet I only started with ripping, so please don't mind too much.
Thanks in advance everyone!
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