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Accomplishments you had in video games
Just a bit ago, I earned EVERY single trophy (PS4 achievements are called trophies) on Star Wars Battlefront (2015), including all of the DLC trophies. And boy, that took quite a long while to do.
If you can't handle the heat.
You can't handle the Neutron Style.
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Recently in my playthrough of the Wii RPG, Super Paper Mario, I caught a freaking Amazy Dayzee enemy in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials with a basic catch card item. And it works out of RNG and gave me the rare 3-star card of that enemy. What are the odds of that?
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Yesterday, I was playing Atari Centipede on my Evercade, and I end my run with a new personal best score of 139,248 points on hard mode
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