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[Help] Ripping Red Harlow from Red Dead Revolver (PS2)
Hi folks,
I'm trying to get the red harlow model from the Red Ded Revolver (PS2)

I tried 3D Ripper DX, but this software failed to rip the model

I tried ninjaripper, using D3D11 wrapper and my PCSX2 use DirectX11, it worked, but there is problem the texture is blue and the model shape is really bad and the face normal is really bad too (please see the image below)
[Image: cR9Awre.png]

Can someone help me fix this model? (I've no experience with ripping model and using 3d software like blender or 3ds max)
I have attached the ripped model and texture (red harlow model is, &, its texture is

Thank You
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I'd love to help but the file has been deleted
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