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Monster Super League Models
I ripped the Astromons and Scenarios as well from Monster Super League.

Here are some screenshots:
[Image: 2307e580ccd0d06e0a8675b6c31284f4.png][Image: 38c1ff8b55dfaaa788633cb24233c2a7.png]
[Image: a6ecab6706a447efcf2589017b6dc91e.png]

These are screenshots directly on Maya, i just deleted some stuff for the screenshot, it was some kind of joint for rigging however I can't say for sure the models are completelly rigged because if you try to move some stuff it gets weird. The trees and some other things that are 2d in this game keep this strange looks that I didn't even tried to fix because the purpose was the Astromons models.

I hope I got every Astromon from the game because I didn't checked all the files. Probably there is some garbage files that I didn't see it and let it in the folder without the intention of it.

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