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Who is looking forward to Soulcalibur VI?
Who is looking forward to Soulcalibur VI? Big Grin
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I sure as hell am. Discarding those superfluous time-skip characters, getting Zasalamel back, getting a COMPLETE story mode instead of an unfinished mess, and hopefully an even more robust character creation mode.
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Can't be worse than V.

That said, it looks really promising, but I'm going to go at it with a healthy amount of skepticism.
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I would love it.
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Most definitely am looking forward to soul calibur!!
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I’m just hoping Namco is on their way to bringing more of their actual pre-merge IPs back.

Especially Klonoa or Triple-A Pac-Man titles. ((I miss the World trilogy so much.))
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This is a bit of a pointless thread that randomly seems to dies and then come back to life with lacklustre posts. I mean come on, the first reply took over 3 months. Locking.
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