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Are homebrew developers allowed to submit assets of their games?
Are developers of homebrew games allowed to submit the assets of their homebrew games on the VG Resource sites? If the answer is yes, what are the limitations, requirements, or rules to do so?
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To my knowledge this is fine. As long as the assets aren't half-hearted edits (like recolours) and are actually original, you can submit them.
If the game is actually released to an extent and other people recognise it then you should be able to submit it as a game, otherwise it should probably go in the customs section.

You'll probably want to wait for someone else to provide input since I'm not 100% on this, but that's my two cents.
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My understanding aligns with puggsoy's. If it's a passion project that you and a few friends know about and you've made either entirely custom work or significant edits, you an submit them to the customs section. If the game has received any sort of notable release (i.e. it actually has some sort of following), you can submit it as a standalone game. Someone more familiar with the submission process is welcome to chime in as well though.
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Would that mean I could potentially upload "GoldenEye With Mario Characters" as a standalone "game" in the Custom/Edited section?
While it hasn't been released yet (almost there), I have been posting videos on YouTube so some people are aware of it, and some bigger channels are waiting for the release which their videos will spread more awareness. While it technically doesn't have a huge following at the moment, I'm asking this now just to know ahead of time. It'd be nice to be the "official" uploader for people wanting to download the models and this is the "go-to" site for downloading models.

Every character in GoldenEye was replaced which is well over 15 models if the heads & bodies and recolors are uploaded together, way more if uploaded separately although I'd combine them. I'd rather not fill up the Mario Customs section with tons of models from one mod specifically. Especially since the characters are based off SM64 so characters like Mario and Yoshi would look out of place in that section but because I wanted to include the edited bones as well as having some small model edits they wouldn't exactly fit in the Super Mario 64 section either...ignoring the fact that Mario, Peach, Bowser, Toad & Yoshi are already on the site.
I did plan on submitting certain customs like Pauline & Donkey Kong separately after modifying them to be more versatile, but all of the models for the mod have edited textures & bones as well as have vertex coloring and slight model edits (like Peach's Dress or Toad's arms) so I wasn't sure if it was enough to warrant their own section. Especially the Koopa heads since those are the enemies & to make use of the Random Head System, the Koopas have different heads with new expressions.

Wanted to ask about this since Project M got it's own section, however any model they didn't replace is found in the SSBB section whereas all of my character models are edited in some way compared to the actual SM64 models & thus are not true "rips" for that game. Now that's model edits I'm talking about, textures were remapped as well but I know that texture mapping gets a pass for N64 games.
If not that's fine, but wanted to ask beforehand since IMO it'd be more organized to have these models together because they're all for 1 mod and not just a bunch of random one-off customs.
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