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Models Resource Policy Update
In recent issues, the Models queue has been backed up a lot recently, and to aid in that, we're implementing a new plan in light of models that are rejected that have been sitting in the queue for months.

For any models that have been submitted and have been waiting in the queue for at least four months upon rejected will be allowed to immediately be re-checked upon following the process laid out below to have this permission granted:

Once you've re-submitted the model, reply to the rejection PM you had originally received for that submission, notifying the person that rejected it that you had re-uploaded it, and state what you have done to fix your submission. It is unfair to those who have been waiting for months to have their models rejected for something so simplistic, and have to wait another few months to fix it. As well, this saves the model checkers a little time by being able to reject it for the smaller reason as supposed to being required to fix it ourselves and not notifying you of those fixes.
Important!!!: Once your submissions has been checked again after it was rejected from the queue from it's re-check, it will not be checked until submissions from months before it/other non-rechecked models are checked again!

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM a staff member. They'd be glad to help!

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