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Almost all weapons from The World is not enough for N64
I have ripped almost all weapons from TWINE for N64 and I'm submitting them once I get them all converted from VRML to .obj and .dae.
[Image: se16lu.png]
Preview of the Raptor Magnum
more models coming soon.

EDIT: pls don't ask me to rip multi-only weapons such as the golden gun, due to multi weapons not displaying in Lemmy's video plugin.
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I actually tried ripping this myself awhile ago, but weapon models didn't display right for me.

Seems like the alpha channels used for the trigger guard aren't enabled on your model render, though.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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I fixed that but thanks for noticing
Also I ripped from the pause menu
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more weapons coming up!

Deutsche M45

[Image: s8lwpf.png]
Meyer TMP
[Image: lqsa23.png]
Meyer Bullpup[Image: 36wgmw.png]
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I also ripped some gadgets as well.
[Image: 624g66.PNG]
Safe Cracker
[Image: 7wkwvn.png]
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