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What is the 8-bit Beast's full body?
ok. do you guys know about the 8-bit beast?

if not then go to youtube and search for 8-bit beast's haunted house.

but when i looked on the 8-bit beast. i was thinking what species is it?

as far as i can't get trouble for doing this or getting banned
because of everybody(in this site) hates my behavior. Sad

but at least i manage to get this clearly:

the 8-bit beast was originally look like this:
but in my mind what it actually looks like:
and i suffered on being banned for days,weeks,months... Angry

and i was tired... Ouch!

*sigh*... Defeated

ok. so... if you want to post a reply
then what in your mind thinks about this 8-bit beast's full body?

and that is all for now...

*sigh*...i guess... Defeated
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I just googled this artist to listen to what his music sounded like and it sounds awful to be totally honest. (But this is just my opinion, mind you)

To be honest I don't really know why there is much need to understand why we need to figure out what his full body looks like, I mean that is just his photo for the youtube video that he made for his music.

Artist's imagination wanted to make sure he left it up to the viewers to decide. If anything for all we know it could have tentacles for legs like some sort of octopus.

EDIT) Also just an FYI: IT REALLY doesn't look good on you complaining about your ban from one member to another. You got it for a reason and it doesn't earn you much respect in the long run.
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whining about being banned kinda turns people around from wanting to post in your threads. being banned from a forum for a few months won't kill you, so just make an effort towards improving your behavior.
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(08-25-2017, 12:48 AM)LittleYabiko Wrote: whining about being banned kinda turns people around from wanting to post in your threads. being banned from a forum for a few months won't kill you, so just make an effort towards improving your behavior.

but what about submiting sprites while banned?

i mean while i was banned when i log-in to the spriters resource that it shows the forum ban.
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Holy shit, just stop dude.

Speaking as a member again:
If you were banned, you were banned. You lose privileges when you are banned, That's the point of it if you keep breaking rules like how you have been doing in the past.

This shouldn't have to be explained at all.

Not everyone is an idiot here. Some of us actually remember why you were banned to begin with. Maybe if you actually read talked to a moderator and asked why you were banned, and read what they said and took the effort to learn how to become a better human being overall, then you wouldn't be acting like an inept asshole right now complaining about why you were banned to other members to begin with.

Harsh of a point that is, it's becoming warranted, and personally I'm getting a little sick of you being this ignorant towards other users. And I'm sure many others must be frustrated with you as well.

Now if we're done here, I'm reporting your posts. Read the rules or leave, it's that simple.

Actually, I'm coming back here because there's one suspicion I need to get off my chest.

Just how old are you Tarkan? As a serious and legitimate question, are you even 13?

Because honestly, having read the majority of the posts you have made in the past and looking at your writing style and behaviors, and while at first I thought there was some sort of language barrier after seeing your posts here I have enough reason to believe that you are not legally supposed to be on here.
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You...pretty much covered what I was gonna say, DioShiba. I don't wanna disclose too much info on tarkan, but I know he isn't from an English-speaking country (also, he's 14 according to his profile) and due to cultural differences, he may come off as...extremely forward.

Dio pretty much covered it, Tarkan - while issuing warnings because you're complaining is silly, I can offer my two cents: it doesn't really earn you any sympathy here. Usually, when you're banned, it's for a reason and the purpose of that is so you reflect on what you did wrong...and I don't think that really clicked, huh.
Also, it doesn't really get people on your side when you complain about it. It's great to hear that you appreciate TSR so much, but when you're banned, it's not because you're a model user. Complaining about your ban is like...good user repellent.

Next time when you post, please read responses more carefully and please take our suggestions to heart. It'll save you from another ban.
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Aw man, I thought this was going to be a forum game. "Okay, you draw a part of the 8-Bit Beast, and now the next poster draws another part..."

Instead I found drama Sad
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You know the sad thing is I realize I contributed to it way more than I should have.

I kind of feel a little sad about that now.

Well... on the bright side doesn't mean we can't re-rail this thread into something nice.
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Like how I actually like tarkan's interpretation of the design?
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