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Namco System 12/Mr. Driller Soundbank importing (Audacity)
So basically all I've really wanted to do was take the instrument samples and possibly the voice samples of the titular character and use them for a fanwork of mine. I looked up a few tutorials on ripping specific sound bytes from Arcade ROMs, And saw Audacity seems to work on some games. So I managed to get Mr. Driller imported but the problem is... It sounds demonic and gross.

I'm uploading the soundbank in hoping someone can help me not make it sound AS loud as it is here? Because I don't think the samples are supposed to be this ear-rapingly loud or anything. You can clearly hear the sound bytes and instruments and everything but they are just sort of fucked up and evil sounding.

Settings I imported the raw data in is this for those wondering:

Encoding: Unsigned 8-bit
Byte Order: Little-Endian
Channels: 1 (Mono)
100% Imported
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