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Gravity Gun & Portalgun
Hello all,

Here's a rip for the gravity gun, crossbow, and pulse rifle from Half Life 2, as well as the portal gun from Portal 2.

Half Life 2 - Crossbow:
Half Life 2 - Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle:
Half Life 2 - Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator (Blue):
Half Life 2 - Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator:
Portal 2 - Portal Gun:

I also have the Portal 2 turret with the animations, but I'm not entirely sure how to export preserving all of the animations.

I'm not sure if this is the gravity gun or the physgun, apparently there's two variations, possibly like the one seen in Gmod?

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I remember me anyone start a rip from Portal gun. His rips have blue textures for a beam. This gun are rejected due to lack of transparency.
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To my knowledge, the blue and orange portal gun glow is from a dynamic light effect in-game. Also, the blue and orange stripes are from Atlas and P-Body's guns. This gun is from the main singleplayer character, which has no other texture. I can include textures for Atlas and P-Body if that's what you wish.

Okay, I extracted it again, added all of the materials and converted the materials and models. Here is the file:
This is in SMD format with TGA materials. There's more textures here, like a normal map.
This file includes the Potato Gun

Just import the models using (import script) in Blender and assign the textures.

Here are the blue and orange portal gun textures from Atlas and P-Body: (Included in the link above too)

They are in TGA format, hopefully this corrects the transparency issue you were talking about?

The Portal 2 Turret (with animations) in SMD format with TGA materials. Import using Blender Source Tools

This is the same as I just posted about the Portal Gun. It's not FBX format
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