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Shockwave Flare3d Model Ripping
Hello all,

I've been working on Sherwood Dungeon models trying to rip them. Basically what I've done so far is decompile the swf they have on the website, and export the resources. Then I did a lot of research and determined the file types for the models, haha. The models are located in BinaryData as bin files, just rename them to f3d. Then I found the model viewer on the engine's website, Flare3D. This model viewer doesn't export the models, I believe it uses DirectX 9 to view them if that helps. I tried 3dReaper DX and Ninja Ripper. Ninja Ripper can only export the wireframe from when you select the models in the viewer. I'm hoping someone can help me crack this case. The models are viewable in the viewer textures and all. I'll add pictures.

This is the game:
Here is a list of games that use Flare3D :

Download for Flare3D :
Old versions:

Basically, the model files are a special format that can only be viewed in Flare3D. I need help converting them. You'll need to open them in Flare3D to view them.

This is the rip:

Some other good programs for ripping images: X-Ripper_1.5, jaeder-naub-v214g

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