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Original Models - Veran, Pionpi
[Image: unknown.png]
Oh right!
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It's alright.

The Quads/tris distribution here is just... no. Why is the top of his hat(?), and his hair made up of quads, but the rest of the mesh is tris? Tris generally are not the way to go with higher-poly modeling, as they ruin consistent topology on subsurfs.

Just some general tips to improve the mesh overall:
  • Connect the ears to the actual head mesh. That way, they can at least be animated fluidly if they're ever to be animated. Same with the nose.
  • Topology consistency is important. Why is the centre of his shirt far higher poly than the rest? Why is the area near the bottom of his shirt lower poly? There's an inconsistent amount of edge rings on the higher poly area, too. Which causes messy application of tris. Waste of triangles right there. Same thing counts for his pants.
  • The hands seem to be modeled nicely, so that's fine.
  • His mouth isn't wide enough. As in the 2D pictures, his mouth creates a frowning-like look.
  • His sleeves seem to drag down more on the picture, dunno if that's me.
Just an example from one of your models when I converted it to quads:

[Image: wxxYNx0.png]

Most of the topology here on her leg is consistent, and it flows nicely. Then you have near the thigh, knee, and dress, which has massive tris there. 

And this is what happens when you subsurf with tris:

[Image: dmOL6DD.png]

The topology has became inconsistent, and thus, the normal's shading has now became inconstant and unappealing as a result.

Other than those issues, it seems to be an accurate representation of the character. (Assuming the textures aren't finished, yet.

Also, sorry if this sounds ranty. Just wanted to give a heads up on why tris shouldn't be the go-to for making meshes.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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Ooooh! goodness! Now I can see it there!

I thank you for the critique!  It still needs tweaking (especially the mouth) but I'll keep going!
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Also, no need to make things like the dress have double-layered polygons unless it's for a game engine where backface culling is always enabled.

It causes Z-fighting, which is why the polygons on the dress look bonkers.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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Oh man, I can't wait to see Veran completed! One of my favorite Zelda villains!
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