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Red Alert 2 - Vehicles
Hello all,

Here are some Red Alert 2 vehicles:
(Use updated link from post below)

- Allied - Battle Fortress
- Allied - Chrono Miner
- Allied - Mirage Tank
- Allied - Mobile Construction Vehicle
- Soviet - Mobile Construction Vehicle
- Soviet - V3 Rocket Launcher
- Yuri - Boomer
- Yuri - Mastermind
- Yuri - Mobile Construction Vehicle

* These models are mirrored on the Y axis. (Left <-> Right)
* These models are hollow, if you want I can fill them and re-upload for the purposes of 3D printing.

Red Alert 2 uses voxels for the vehicles, ships, and aircraft. Voxels are pixel based models. I kept the original pixel theme when converting them to .obj files.

The process to export the models:
Open ra2.mix or ra2md.mix with XCC Mixer and extract local.mix or localmd.mix
Open local.mix or localmd.mix with XCC Mixer and extract .vxl files
Import the .vxl files with VoxelShop and export them as .qb
Import the .qb files with MagicaVoxel and export them as .obj
The final model will be mirrored on the Y axis

Note: MagicaVoxel has a size limit, so things like the Aircraft Carrier, Cruiser, and Kirov Airship are cut off.

Another method:
Instead of importing the .qb files with MagicaVoxel, import them with Zoxel and export as .zox, then use the plugin to import that into Blender. It will be imported, but there will be difficulties exporting as a .obj file because this method uses colors, not textures.

I can work on the Kirov Airship by splitting the left half and right half as .qb files, converting them, then merging them in Blender. If anyone wants it.

This also works for Tiberium Sun.

An alternative:
Open the .xvl files with Voxel Section Editor, select Tools, and 3D Modelizer. This will render the voxel as a mesh instead of a pixel model. The pixel model is better because it's a direct export, and it looks better than the mesh. The mesh is like blurring an image. Make sure you choose Pallet > Red Alert 2 > uniturb.pal.

Here are some file descriptions:

teletur.vxl (Yuri - Magnetron Turret)
mind.vxl (Yuri - Mastermind)
pcv.vxl (Yuri - Mobile Construction Vehicle)
smin.vxl (Yuri - Slave Miner)
smintur.vxl (Yuri - Slave Miner Turret)
hornet.vxl (Allied - Hornet - Aircraft Carrier)
shad.vxl (Allied - Nighthawk Transport)
schp.vxl (Soviet - Siege Chopper)
spyp.vxl (Soviet - Spy Plane)
aegis.vxl (Allied - Aegis Cruiser)
carrier.vxl (Allied - Aircraft Carrier)
lcrf.vxl (Allied - Amphibious Transport)
bfrt.vxl (Allied - Battle Fortress)
beag.vxl (Allied - Black Eagle)
cmin.vxl (Allied - Chrono Miner)
destwo.vxl (Allied - Destroyer - Empty)
dest.vxl (Allied - Destroyer)
rtank.vxl (Allied - Mirage Tank)
mcv.vxl (Allied - Mobile Construction Vehicle)
robo.vxl (Allied - Robot Tank)
robotur.vxl (Allied - Robot Tank Turret)
tnkd.vxl (Allied - Tank Destoryer)
cruise.vxl (Civilian - Cruise Ship)
dshp.vxl (GDI - Orca Dropship)
orcatran.vxl (GDI - Orca Transport)
sapc.vxl (NOD - Subterranean Armoured Personal Carrier)
trs.vxl (Soviet - Amphibious Transport)
trucka.vxl (Soviet - Demolition Truck)
dredtwo.vxl (Soviet - Dreadnought - Empty)
dred.vxl (Soviet - Dreadnought)
zep.vxl (Soviet - Kirov Airship)
bpln.vxl (Soviet - MiG)
smcv.vxl (Soviet - Mobile Construction Vehicle)
hyd.vxl (Soviet - Sea Scorpion)
schd.vxl (Soviet - Siege Chopper Deployed)
schdtur.vxl (Soviet - Siege Chopper Deployed Turret)
sub.vxl (Soviet - Typhoon Attack Submarine)
v3.vxl (Soviet - V3 Rocket Launcher)
harv.vxl (Soviet - War Miner)
harvtur.vxl (Soviet - War Miner Turret)
bsub.vxl (Yuri - Boomer)
caos.vxl (Yuri - Chaos Drone)
disktur.vxl (Yuri - Floating Disc)
ytnk.vxl (Yuri - Gattling Tank)
ytnktur.vxl (Yuri - Gattling Tank Turret)
yhvr.vxl (Yuri - Hover Transport)
ltnk.vxl (Yuri - Lasher Tank)
ltnktur.vxl (Yuri - Lasher Tank Turret)
tele.vxl (Yuri - Magnetron)

Download link for some QB files: (Not all inclusive)

(Contains the ones listed above)
Import those with MagicaVoxel and export them as .obj. Remember MagicaVoxel has a size limit

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I uploaded the final version onto models-resource. It includes these files:

The models are correctly mirrored to as how they're seen in-game, and I put together the Aircraft Carrier, Dreadnought, and Kirov Airship. This doesn't include vehicles with turrets, such as the Robot Tank, War Miner, Slave Miner, Lasher Tank, Gattling Tank, Prism Tank, Tesla Tank, Magnetron, etc. I will work on these later once I figure out a way to determine the true turret locations on the vehicle models.
The Mirage Tank and Tank Destroyer don't have rotating turrets, so I was able to add them easily.

Some units don't have models, as they only have sprites. I believe things like the Terror Drone, and the flying Siege Chopper have sprites. The infantry use sprites. Some building turrets have models, like the Grand Cannon, and the Gatling Gun. The Yuri head building has a model, but I'm not interested in adding it. There are some NOD and GDI models in the RA2 files, but I won't add them. If I'll add NOD or GDI, I'll just work on Tiberium Sun instead. I won't be adding civilian vehicles now, but I may do so in the future, like the civilian Cruiser.
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