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Donkey Kong 64 - Fungi Forest
Hello all,

I've been working on this rip for the last week. Fungi Forest has always been one of my favorite maps, along with many others from Nintendo 64. My dream is to import ripped "oldies" into a forge-like VR game.

Anyway, to the rip!

Some notes:
- I ripped this with LemD3D8 on Project64 and Blender. If anyone needs a copy of the DLL or instructions on how to use them on Win 10, I'd be happy to help
- The model was not moved or scaled at all, its in the original position as it was upon import.
- I used "Remove Doubles" to remove duplicate vertices. This is a highly necessary feature because I had to import the model bit by bit. Due to this though, the duplicate faces from texture blending were removed.
- Donkey Kong 64 uses texture blending, due to many reasons, I am unable to incorporate this. When texture blending is present, I chose the dominant and most appropriate texture.
- There are some mesh faces that do not have textures because they're supposed to be single colors. (Snide's HQ camera, top of the apple, Funky's Store banana, all of the entrances) I'm not sure how to work on these for an .obj export, so I added a "colors" folder that should help others who'd like to work on this.
- When exporting, LemD3D8 split the colors and alphas to different files. I used GIMP to add the alphas.
- There are duplicate textures and materials that have the same texture. This is due to importing the model bit by bit. There is no visual difference, but if you're importing this map into a different game, I'd suggest some extra work to merge the materials and remove duplicate textures for cleanliness.
- I added one frame of the water, for reference.
- I didn't add anything non-static, so anything spinning or moving. This relates to things like the spinning character barrels, enemies, characters, and ammo.
- All of the static props are included (mushroom trees, tree trunks, cannons, teleport pads, buttons, etc.) Except the special barrels like the ones Tiny uses to shrink. If requested, I'll add these as well, maybe as a separate .obj file and you can just merge them.

If there's anything I missed, feel free to request them. Aside from Tiny's barrels, I believe everything is included.

Other notes about Nintendo 64 ripping:
LemD3D8 & Project64 - most games
Banjo's Backpack - Banjo Kazooie
Toad's Tool & 3DVIA Printscreen - Super Mario 64 (set view to "Top")
Wumba's Wigwam - Banjo Tooie (it's still Beta)

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