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We Need The Ability To Upload Custom Textures
I was looking on the site and wanted to upload my own texture. I am a registered member of VG-Resource and it was giving me no option to upload custom textures. I was wanting to upload textures for eyes. Unimpressed
Well, that's nice...

Nobody responded...
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"We Need The Ability To Upload Custom Textures"
"Custom Models / Textures
Post here for feedback on your custom models and texture work."

I guess there is a good place? I haven't checked the Textures Resource website, but i guess you can upload them too?

I will check it later to see if there is an option

EDIT: Indeed, you can upload your own textures....

If you are in a game you can upload textures, if you are on a console you can "create" a game and then upload textures... It wasn't hard to find that "ability" maybe people just got mad because you didnt look for it and maybe for that reason they didn't answer (You need to be logged to be able to upload...)
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This has been discussed before and I remember the general consensus being that in most cases, custom textures serve very little purpose without a model to attach them to. If you have some reason why that's no longer true, a Custom / Edited section on tTR can certainly be discussed.
I mean for example:

//Textures for eyes for download.
//You would then be able to put those eyes onto another texture.

That's what I'm talking about, and I've made textures that I would like to upload.
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