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Fate/Extella - Need help Unpacking PKG
Full Game PKG DL Link (5GCool
Small Sample PKG DL Link (22MCool
Hello all, (I apologize in advance in case this is the wrong place to post these kind of question)...
so I managed to extracted the PKG files of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star off of my PS4 but (for the love of God) I CANNOT unpack these PKG files using all the normal tools found on the internet.
So if anyone can help crack these babies open then by all mean, please do... 

I'll attached the small PKG file here so you can give it a try and if you manage to unpack it then please tell us (me) how you did it... though it's very likely that you'll need to write a new program/script to unpack it.

Example of PKG File goo(dot)gl/EpF4jB!kHhjza6R!yHc2ElK5wqIDA...0epJezpf1U

If anyone wanna try the rest of the PKG files, then PM me and I'll upload it and give you the link... or maybe I'll just post the download links here or something after I let it upload overnight since it's like 5GB of data.

Fate/Extella screenshots
[Image: Fate-Extella_03-22-16_003.jpg] 

[Image: FateExtella-3.png] 
[Image: fate-extella-ps-vita-ps4-20160606-001.jpg] 
[Image: 8183458f.jpg] 
[Image: 20160606-fateextella-19.jpg] 

As you can see, these models are an upgrade to the Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC models... As a fan of the fate franchise, I think it's WAY overdue for higher quality model for our favorite waifus.

NOTE: I already post this on Xentax but I just want to reach out to as many people as possible hoping one of you programmer geniuses might be able to figure this out.
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