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Quest Viewer - viewing game resources
Quest Viewer is the program intended for viewing of games resources. At the moment the program supports more than 250 games among which there is "Deponiya", "Infinite summer", "Siberia", "A black mirror", games on Ren'Py engine, etc. The list of games is constantly expanding!

[Image: heade_en.jpg]

The main genre of the supported games is 2D advenchure (Quest) since initially the program was created for viewing of games only of this genre. But now we try not to be limited by genre. Each game before addition in the list is checked therefore it is difficult to add all supported games.

QuestViewer supports viewing of graphic, sound and text resources, it has a convenient interface for time-lapse viewing of animation. There is also a possibility of viewing of animation and images in the full-screen mode with different types of scaling. Any graphic resource can be exported to any known format (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.). For export of animation by meansĀ  of small editor provided in the program it is possible to save animation in GIF, JPG, PNG formats, or to write a plugin for export to other format.

Except viewing of resources, there is a number of useful tools in the program, such as sorting of resources, display list of resources and information on archive in HTML/TXT, the editor of animation etc.

- Viewing of graphic, sound and text resources of games
- Full-screen viewing of graphic resources
- Convenient viewing of animation
- Scaling of the image
- Sorting of resources by format, size and by name
- The filter of resources on format, type
- Export of both separate shots, and all animation in GIF, PNG, JPEG formats
- Export of sound resources
- Export of all resources from archive (Dump)
- A displaying of the resources list in HTML and TXT
- Support of plugins

System of plugins
QuestViewer supports expansions in the form of the plugins allowing to add support of others games and to export graphically resources to other formats. The plugin in QuestViewer represents a script in the Python programming language. For installation of a plugin it is enough to move *.py script to the plugins folder in a program root.
If the plugin is added to a repository on the website, then it can be installed by means of the Plugin Manager literally with a couple of clicks.

If you are familiar with some programming languages (or cQuickBMS), you can easily write a plugin for the program. The small tutorial on plugin writing is on the program website.
Creating plugins, you make a huge contribution to development of the program! For addition of a plugin on the website it is necessary just to fill a small form and to load a script.

There is a small list of tools which are now under development. But this list is incomplete. There are much more interesting ideas which we want to realized. Among them there is a support of third-party tools in the form of plugins and support of 3D models.

Page of the program:

The list of the supported games:

View resources of the game Syberia
Viewing game resources on the RenPy engine
Export animation to GIF

Archive from one game (there are all types of resources):

P.S. If the structure of resources of some 2D game with "interesting" graphics is known to you, share, please. It is possible to contact me through a form on the website.
P.P.S. Support of text resources will appear in the following version of the program!
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