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Hello boys and girls
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Hi boys and girls, my name is Hiro-sofT  Big Grin

I'm a 24 years old guy from Germany with a passion about game development, drawing and gaming. I like self crafted stuff and a lot of creative things. That's also why streaming is one of my things I want to do as well. I'm also known for having not that much time for everything, since I always have to deal with a private life, which steals a lot of my time. Still, it's mostly for importend stuff, so that's fine Genki ^_^  .

If it comes to anything in terms of creative stuff, I always like to create my own custom stuff. For example, anything graphicwise on the YouTube group channel, known as the "RPGDreamlandYT", my Twitch livestreams (layout, banner, etc.) and most of my newer game attempts is selfmade. I just love the feeling, if you crafted something on your own.

I was on the forum already once before. At the time, there was a Kirby Super Star Ultra custom sprite thread currently running, in which I presented a poor "KSSU Sweet Stuff" sprite. Mostly however, I was known for a project called "Panel de Pon RPG" or just simply called "Lips Adventure", on the RPG Maker 2003 engine, which I cancelled for multiple reasons (which I will not mention here).

Since back than I didn't stop improving my skills of course. I will properly start a spritethread of my own (there is still room for improvement), in which I can show you my current results. I also currently work on a mobile game for android called "Fungi Cappani", which is going to be a Kirby inspired platformer. With this, I want to create a good platformer on the android system. I'm using Game Maker Studio for this project (which I perfer personally over RPG Maker anyway).

I also play Super Mario Maker, which easily became one of my favorite games of all time. With current 78 levels and 2665 stars, I'm on my way to improve my level designing abilities, by building levels which are mostly fair and and either challenging or fun (besides that one, shameful Kaizo attempt there Lenny Face ). I'm also a person who has a big interest in how other videogames work (why for example a game glitches out or unseen/unused stuff).

I hope, that we will have a happy, interessting and especially creative time Genki ^_^  .
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Hello Hirosoft, I am sutinoer and from germany too,
welcome to TSR.
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