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Hey folks, long-time Spriters-Resource lurker, first time poster. I figured I'd give my shot at extracting some stuff from games-- I'm interested on how they're coded in and everything, and I want to try out dissecting them.

Apparently I've picked a real doozy for a first project and sold my soul to the black hole that is Animal Crossing resource extraction, but I figured I'd be the latest to give it a shot. Actually, that was the reason I signed up in the first place- I thought it might be a little easier if I was working with people possessing a lot more knowledge on the subject.

I'll post a topic with a better plan of what I'm doing later on. For now I just wanted to introduce myself. Nice to meet you all!
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Welcome! Nice to see new people trying their hand and extracting stuff Smile

Have a nice stay!
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Wow, we're more or less in the same boat, huh!
Look forward to seeing you around, I shall help where I can!
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