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Conker Bad fur Day/ Banjoo n64 model rips (will keep being updated)
First,  is the Conker models so far

The Panther king ripped from his sitting pose and, reedited to be standing and, will have the better version later .

Next, is the Banjo Twooie stage Jolly Rodger bar stage and , banjo's house .

Lastly, is the Diddy K racing models I ripped .

These models are in pmx form. So move the models to the main folder so they will load correctly in blender or, whatever program you would use to have them seperated. I ported them into pmx editor so I could seperate and, fix the models and, re uv map them.

 Most stages are 400-800 parts so fixing them takes time. Due, to Rare made them game culling / draw distance terrible. I can only rip what Banjoo/ Conker character models see in front of them. Otherwise the game won't let me rip them since that part is gone.

 If you would want a particular stage or, model ripped please let me know. I'll see what I can do /
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