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So THIS is where all the spriters went.
Hi everyone. I'm Mr. 86, self-proclaimed jack of all trades. I do a little of everything - writing and drawing mostly, but I also dabble a tiny bit in music. Anyway, I'm working on a game (teaching myself programming as I do so), and I'm mainly here to get feedback on my sprite work, since it's something akin to 16-bit, as well as to look for anyone else interested in a passion project. So! Who might all of you weirdos be? Tongue
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Hi I'm Shade I'm basically the king of the weirdos around here. This might as well be my personal domain of weird where I rule over the lesser weirdos with an iron fist. Well, actually none of that is true and I'm actually pretty normal, sad to say. Actually I take part of that back, some of the people here would fall into the "weirdos" category so I wasn't completely off with my earlier statement. Like SOME people are like pretty normal and stuff, right? But then SOME people are like... dang you wouldn't even believe. total. weird. o's.

where was I going with this uh

Welcome to the forums, MisterEightySix! Hope you enjoy your time on the site and can get some helpful feedback on your sprites, and also one day finish up that project! It can be a daunting task, and there's always that mountain of little free time or the brick walls of lacking motivation, but a lot of us have been there with our own projects, so try to never be too discouraged and push through in any way you can! : >
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