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[Tony Hawk's Underground 2 GC] -- Ripping/Editing Music Files
Hello. I'm trying to edit the music of the Gamecube version of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (to insert my own custom soundtrack). Opening up the ISO, there is a music folder filled with an ogg file for every song. Understandably, trying to play these files in VLC didn't work, and replacing any of these files and then trying to play the song in game would cause all music to no longer work.

Using Dolphin's Log feature, I decided to check if these files were even the music files. According to the log file, these ogg files weren't even being loaded while the music was playing, but rather a different file "streamsn.wad". Trying to discover if this file was related to any sound effects in the game and not the music, I ripped the file from the game and played it in Winamp, but found it only plays a 4 seconds of different voice clips. However, I don't think this is all there is considering the file is over 100MB large. 

So this is where I am. Is there any way I could open up this wad file to see what's inside?
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Upload it to a hosting website and link it here, and I'll have a look.
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(12-04-2016, 05:05 PM)Pingu! Wrote: Upload it to a hosting website and link it here, and I'll have a look.


Here is a MEGA link to the streamsn.wad file.
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