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Playstation 4 and Xbox one
So, I've been exploring this site for the past year now, and I am very happy it exists. I have really gotten my feet wet with 3d animating since coming here. However, I do have a question that's been nagging me since day one : Why are there aren't any playstation 4 or xbox one models here? Don't take this as a request or anything. I am just curious. Are they too hard to rip? Is there something about the game's software? Or is as simple as no one has gotten around to it?

Side note: i have a few WOW models from a friend of mine. Should I upload them? I ask because i notice that there isn't a tab for World of Warcraft under the PC section. Is there a reason for that, or is it that no one has simply gotten around to it?
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Nobody really knows how yet. Tongue

As for your side note, you should see if your friend would be willing to upload them themselves since it's best to have the original ripper do the submitting when feasible. Regardless, if the game doesn't have a section yet it just means we don't have any ripped models for it at current time. If you want to submit to a game that isn't presently found on the site, you'll just need to create a game section though the submission system before submitting the actual models.

(To add a game just click the game icon with the pretty green plus)
[Image: addgame.png]

Just don't make a game section and not submit any content. Empty games will be deleted.
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