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Helping with extracting Sounds from Aksys/Arc System Works games?
I don't have much knowledge regarding the processes of extracting data from game files out side of easy to understand tutorials and programs designed to tackle specific formats throughout my life. But now I have hit a wall when a particular game, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, is contained within one file. The name of the file is bddata.bin, which is have researched and it is supposedly a format Arc System Works/Aksys Games has been using for their game releases. Problem is that aside from the videos being located outside the folder, I can't access anything else within the game. Is there anything I can do or some program as to which to decrypt the files so I can actually get into the bgm portion to extract? If it helps, I've learned that someone who decrypted a Persona 4 Ultimax got file names from messing with the TOC of the eBoot.bin for the game, not that I know how to do any of that, but I figure any info helps to anyone more experienced in this field. As far as the file in question, it's about 13GB big, so it might be difficult to upload without knowing what free site I could send it to that would be convenient to whomever wants to tackle it that way. Or if I could be taught how to decrypt it, I could try and take a shot at it too. I appropriate any help I could get. Was planning to do this with Chrono Phantasma Extend as well, but at the moment, Central Fiction is Priority to me. I would use my PS4 copy, but I'm in the same or even worse position as I have no clue and found no tool that helps me even remotely to decrypt ps4.pkg files. I figure that if I could get through that, I could get better quality sound, but I just think they just tossed the videos in there and made it one install-able file which totals to 19Gb.
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mega is a great host for uploading. It's a pain but it may or may not help to upload it there. As well, PS4 hasn't been ripped yet to my knowledge so it's impossible to extract the .pkg files anyway.
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