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.sounds file extension [SOLVED]
Hi, all! I'm new (and entirely inexperienced), and I came here with a question to ask.

I'm trying to get some sounds out of those old pre-installed mac games from Pangea Software. I've located the files I need, but haven't found any kind of application that will open them. The extension is ".sounds". The only lead I've found is an association with the id Tech 3 engine, but that seems to have been released one year after the oldest of these games. Has anyone encountered these before? How can I open them? Any ideas?
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Upload a sample.
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Here's one.

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UPDATE: Solved. The id tech 3 engine association seems to be a dead end. I still don't really understand the intricacies of these files, but I was able to get results.

 I used an application called File Juicer. It extracts a bunch of different types of data from files, and the website even had a section specifically about extracting these types of sounds. File Juicer has a free trial period, and after that it only extracts gifs and jpegs unless you purchase a serial number.

I had to use version 4.36, as mentioned in the section on System 7 sounds that is linked above. Later versions of File Juicer extract other data, but I could not get them to recognize these sound files.
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