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Recent Email Issues
I really wish I had somewhere more visible to put this but this will have to do for now. A good number of you, but current and pending members, may have recently had some issues receiving emails from the site. These could include notifications of PMs, subscribed thread updates, and even verification emails for new accounts. This was all due to an issue sending to Microsoft related email addresses (,,,, etc.). For some reason, entirely out of the blue, our outgoing IP address was blocked by their spam filters. I submitted a request as soon as I realized what was going on but it took the better part of the last week to hear back from them. While the reply they sent was pretty vague, it does seem like email sent to those addresses is being rejected any more so I'm assuming the matter is now resolved.

For anyone who tried to register and never got their activation email, please either contact me or have it re-sent (you can re-send it by trying to log in and clicking on the link that appears). For those who used the contact form to try to find out what's been going on, I'm sorry I haven't responded but as my replies come from the same IP address, they were also being rejected. I have all of your emails in my inbox still though and will take care of those who sent them manually either tonight or tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. I try to take precautions to make sure this doesn't happen but it looks like Microsoft has a history of mis-identifying spamming IP addresses so I'm not sure this was avoidable. If there's a silver lining, it's that I improved the security and deliverability of my mail server in this process and all of my checks seem to indicate that, short of freak occurrences like this, we should be pretty good email-wise from here out.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to reply here (or by email if you still can't access your account).
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