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Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 Models (Inc DLC)
[Image: call-of-duty-black-ops-2-logo-transparen...3tueqn.png]

Hi guys,

So I recently ripped a load of models from Black Ops 2 PC, including a load of DLC models.

Most of these models I have are from the zombies mode, but the weapons appear in all 3 modes (Campaign, MP & zombies)

So here's a preview of some of the models I have:


[Image: WsLgqHz.png]

[Image: Ak2DiBi.png]

Abigail "Misty" Briarton (TranZit)

[Image: Dqhkssm.png]

Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca (DLC Map: Mob of the Dead)

[Image: c1ynhqn.png]

Ray Gun Mark II (Vengeance DLC)

[Image: DQvsONT.png]


I have a load, load load more of these, was wondering if anyone is interested in them.

Models I've uploaded that are awaiting approval:

* Ray Gun Mark II
* Abigail "Misty" Briarton
* Salvatore DeLuca
* Street Sign
* Sgt Frank Woods (Captured)
* Attack Helicopter
* Juggernog Bottle
Jaysus, great work. You should upload to TMR!
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Never really played these games.

But these models are actually pretty detailed for a last-gen game.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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(08-03-2016, 09:20 PM)Anex Wrote: Jaysus, great work. You should upload to TMR!

Thanks, I've uploaded the Ray Gun MK2, Misty & Sal, just awaiting approval on them! 


Yeah, they really are. COD models, in my opinion, are among the most highly detailed models for any game. 

Also I have props too, such as the street sign from Nuketown Zombies

[Image: pUZi08i.png]

[Image: cURT6ME.png]

Juggernog perk bottle.
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I like everything model and waiting for approval.
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Just started playing the campaign got some more models. 

If you've never played Black Ops 2, I should mention it's set both in the 80s and in 2025, so there will be "modern" weapons like the AK47 or non-futuristic soldiers available, probably.


Models from Pyrrhic Victory:

[Image: aHuBQWy.png]

Sgt Frank Woods (captured) 

[Image: u26LwpF.png]

This attack helicopter (Don't know the name of it)

and more

Now, incase anyone viewing this wants me to rip cutscene models, like the one's here: (ignore the last pic)

I'm going to say it's impossible to rip these, as they are part of a pre-rendered cutscene, it's a .bik that's playing automatically, no actual models are loaded.
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Can someone approve this? Please!
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I think these models were rejected. But who TheNathanNS would upload here would let us discuss about why they were deflated. I would also like to see the models as approved.
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Woah! that's amazing!
I'm addicted to playing Tornado Outbreak. Cute 
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Thumbs Up 
I would love to see these uploaded. I personally want the perk-a-cola bottles, like all of them. Or at least any you can rip (maybe Revive and Jug). Are you able to send me copies of at least Jug and Revive bottles while we wait on them to be approved? I need them for an animation I have been working on and would like to have it finished soon. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have the models of the giant robots from the origins map?
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