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Suggestion: Organized ripping
Is there a group of individuals, who have a list of all (or most) games released for a certain platform, and then checks once sets of models from a certain game has been uploaded? Similarly to a checklist. These individuals rips themselves the models they are able to rip in the alphabetical order of the games´ titles.

Once the main models, such as character models and re-occurring props, have been ripped and uploaded a mark is added behind the title of the game. If a game is currently unrippable another mark is added behind the title. If a game had content only suitable to adults, a 18+ icon should be added behind the title, to avoid some users from ripping files from such games. The list should be visible to the public. That way, it is possible to ensure that files from different games gets uploaded the website and are not ignored.

Once a week, each member of this group rips all main models, such as character models and main props, from one game in the alphabetical order of the games´ titles, if those models haven´t already been ripped.

I think the ripping process should be documented on this list, so everyone else can replicate the extraction, if they like.

I believe this site would benefit from having an organized ripping list, since that could minimize the requests, and further expand the library of this site. 

Is there something like this currently available, or should this idea be realized? Is this something that should be implemented on the website?
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