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Question about NSFW rips.
Not to sound over the top or anything. But I think there should be some sort improvement for NSFW posts? Because I have seen some sheets that still show some NSFW content, but are not labelled. As an example when I was on the front page on the Spriter's Resource. I saw a legit sprite sheet for the game Gingiva that was a a slit wrist.

It was related to the game and everything. But the sprite itself was NOT labeled NSFW, despite the gore/disturbing images. This would also mean it was approved by someone as not a NSFW sheet. I revised it as NSFW, as expected. And was approved.

What I'm am saying is that maybe the people who have the power approve of the sheets, should have the ability to revise sheets to be NSFW before being approved. That is, if they don't.

Probably just asking for too much.
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We already can but we're all humans and nobody catches everything. Additionally, I'd imagine most people are quickly scanning for more traditional NSFW content (basically, nudity) so something like gore slipping through the cracks isn't unheard of. This is why we have a revision system though - it lets you spot and offer corrections for mistakes, which it seems is exactly what happened here.
Something slipped though, it was caught, and we addressed it. Seems like the system is working pretty well.
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